17 responses to ““The Birth of Tragedy” – Collage to Friedrich Nietzsche – By Garcia Brothers – 2013 ©”

  1. Hello, Fig says :

    wonderful.. i LOVE this

  2. Marianne Cline says :

    What a wonderful honor to him. Beautiful unique art.

  3. Anon says :

    Beautiful, it really represents my mind.

  4. Morgan Marusteri says :

    I find it great that you give Nietzsche some credit BUT: for Nietzsche the tragedy was the finest art: “I’m the first tragic philosopher”.

    I understand the way you use “tragedy” here though. But Nietzsche´s biggest disappointment with “modern” time was that tragedy disappeared because everyone was to lazy and to much “tick-tack”.

  5. FG118 says :

    I also find it very hard to associate with Nietzsche because his whole philosophy was about the non-existence of concepts like good and evil, the necessity of what we call “evil” (or tragedy) as a result so that we can develop and grow into super-humans (ubermensch), i.e. surpass the tragedy, and how to surpass it is clearly presented in Zarathustra. So, it’s difficult to relate to this collage, because his philosophy was one of hope that we (to him it was a select group of humans, but I believe all of us can do this eventually) can surpass the suffering.

  6. GDAnnunzio says :

    Reblogged this on Manticore Press.

  7. Bretton says :

    It’s like you just took the words ‘Birth of Tragedy’ and made a piece that you think represents a birth of a thing you think is tragic. This has nothing to do with Nietzsche, especially because he used those words very specifically to title his discussion on the origin of tragedy as a theme in ancient Greek theatre. There was no real ambiguity in either term. You misappropriated one of the few parts of his writing with no flexibility in interpretation. But beyond that, I’m having trouble believing you’ve even read the piece, or any of his writing for that matter, based on the theme and tone I see above. This is truly a shame. But, after all, I always could sense the inaccessibility of his writing, and have mildly wondered how his words would appear to most people. Maybe this is my answer.

    • Garcia Brothers Org says :

      ” We arrived at this point for the consideration of art in Nietzsche. “Art”, for it is neither the music of Wagner and the Greek tragedies , but one common fund to which those works allude , the foundation on which rests the possibility of the establishment of certain values. Faced with positions like his teacher Schopenhauer , which tends to see art as a aquietador of the will to live ( always awkward , always alive ) , Nietzsche believes that art is so inspiring, what excites and intensifies life, until the point of wanting to make her stay . Nietzsche also suffers a redefinition art : its value has changed . It gives a new order, a search of the fund ( and , take care of it well , not the foundation ) that ultimately serve as a source of values ​​instauradora . Also here will be able to function as a method of suppressing the cheating in the experience of agency : the life and art are structures of the will to power , even Nietzsche Aesthetics placed at the base of all philosophical disciplines . That will to power is not a law or absolute substance , but that is expressed in our lives as a force , as tensionalidad: stands as an affirmation and , simultaneously , the ambition to go beyond the very essence of self . It is a will that is wanting to be : will there’s a movement to, from , to , where there is tension again . Thinking is thinking something will address a power – be ( as a sort of ” affection original” ) : a desire to get stronger , an extra power , strength, existence . Hence nature is innocent no cruelty , life does not require justification , is destructive and creative process. ”

      The Brothers

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