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It was from the beginning of time art, creation, the way to respond against disaster and darkness.

This is a unique opportunity for introspection, a test for the global consciousness of humanity. It is time to discover what is inside us.

And why discovering who we are terrifies us? Because this situation shows who you really are, and that you may discover that you don’t like who you are because only who you love is yourself.

If what you have inside you is selfishness, stupidity and hatred, surely you will not learn this lesson. You will return to your harmful habits, to pollute with your car every day instead of using sustainable transport, you will again waste money to appear someone who you are not, you will believe be god, you will hate again, you will try to divide
and blame others of your mediocrity and conformity and back to eat junk food…And then this new world that has arrived will leave you behind. Better just choose to be a better person today.

Maybe this idea give ​​light to someone in this storm. That is why we will carry out live broadcasts of the process of different creations and publish new content.

From today, every night, at  9 PM Spain time (21 horas) we will broadcast live. And we will publish new content throughout the days.

You can discover more content of the brothers in the different entries on our page or on the official networks or their YOUTUBE channel. 

And you can join us through: