“We love to experiment, both techniques and creative fields. We think it makes no sense to limit creativity, if not quite the opposite. to give free rein as children do! Creating from the most absolute freedom”.

The origins of their artistic concerns respond at very early ages. The youngest of the brothers, Roberto, will discover through a small toy piano his passion for music, learning to interpret small melodies using his ear. And later studying the next few years in the conservatory of his city.

In 2011, Roberto would be nominated for the Jerry Goldsmith Awards for his musical composition “The dawn of the voyager”, being the youngest of those presented.

At the moment he continues studying music in the superior degree and finishes his university studies in FCOM, (faculty of communication sciences) of the University of Seville.

The eldest of the brothers will discover his passion in drawing and telling stories, being recognized in several drawing and painting competitions. Later his steps would lead him to pass through Fine Arts, at the University of Seville. Leaving finally the faculty to debut in the cinema. He is currently immersed in several audiovisual projects.

We invite you to learn more about the brothers through this page.

“Tiempos modernos” – por García Hermanos – 2015 ©

“Infancia” (Dibujo a nuestra abuela) – Por Garcia Hermanos – 2015 ©

“Viejo Orden Mundial” – por García Hermanos Org – 2015 ©

“Anti – Hate Grenade” – por García Hermanos – 2015 ©

“La verdad, toda la verdad y nada más que la verdad, por lo que ayudan a Dios” – por García Hermanos – 2015 ©

“Little Bird” – (Grabado Version) – Por Garcia Hermanos – 2015 ©

“Birdman” – por García Hermanos – 2015 ©

“Little Bird” (pintada a Nuestro Abuelo) – Por Garcia Hermanos – 2014 ©

Ebbet’s Dream – Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (Nueva York) – 2013 ©

Orígenes – por García Brothers & INTERIOR – 2012  ©

Enemigo público de los ojos – por García Hermanos – 2012  ©

Para la cubierta del álbum “Grupo sin nombre” (BSG) – Washington DC – 2012  ©

Manhattan – Por Garcia Brothers – 2008   ©

Subconcious – por García Hermanos   ©

Desde Manhattan Libery Island – Por Garcia Brothers – 2008  ©

 TUPAC y Snoop Dogg – por García Hermanos – 2008  © 


Irrespective of Garcia Brothers , “Asterisk Project” is a platform of different pseudonyms to promote our art without limits or censorship.

Since 2014, all our fictional artists (*Inn, *Fairman, *Barbo, *Jigsaw, *Mario, and *Deep) have an asterisk before their names.

Each pseudonym shows a different style and yet everyone mixes with each other and experiences new forms of expression.

Inn travels from the art of the simple sticker to color compositions, also experimenting with graffiti. Fairman creates compositions through texts, but it will be through writing, beyond posters, where he finds his way of expression.

Note, all artists are not “Garcia Brothers”.

“No hay límite a su estilo” – Para Clet – Por Garcia Brothers – Florencia, Italia © 2015

“Soldados dirigidos por Bebés” – * Por Inn – Florencia, Italia © 2015

“La Famiglia Di Mario” – * Por Mario (Roma – Florencia, Italia) – 2015 ©

“Los ojos de un Dios cansado” (etiquetas engomadas) – Garcia Hermanos hazaña * Inn (Vinci, Florencia – Italia) 2015 ©

“Prohibido sacar fotos” – torre inclinada de Pisa (Italia) – Por * Fairman ©

“Los refugiados sirios” – (El Vaticano, Roma – Italia) – Por * Fairman – 2015 ©

“Plano” – * Por Barbo (de Puerto Rico) – 2015 ©

“Soldados dirigidos por Bebés” – * Por Inn – París 2015 ©

“refugios de precipitación” – * Por Profundo – 2015 © 

“Batería Baja” – * Por Joi (intervención sobre el carril bici de Sevilla) – 2015 ©

“Most Wanted” – * Por Lil Jou (García Hermanos) – 2015 ©

“Dios come las palomitas” (etiquetas engomadas) – Por Inn * – 2015 ©





We invite you to leave your comment at the bottom.


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