To hate, humor. To seriousness, a smile. To a supposedly deep thought, humor. Creation is a game. And even the gods know it.

For a long time we have decided to launch a comic strip every Monday, as an attempt to break the seriousness and routine of some of our followers, at least for a moment. But do you hate Mondays? Why? Change that!

Throughout my life I have pursued the deep through the perfection of technique. But something changed, says Jose Luis. And from that desire to break the rigidity was born this idea of creating comic strips. Because nothing is so serious, complex, absolute, necessary, or profound.

“Windmills” – By J.L. Garcia – 2018 ©

“Reinvent or die” – Por J.L. Garcia – 2018 ©

“Noche Estelada” – Por JL Garcia ©

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