Aquí se pueden ver algunos de los dibujos de tinta y lápiz creados por los hermanos Garcia. 



“Infancia” (Dibujo a nuestra abuela) – Por Garcia Hermanos – 2015 ©

“Viejo Orden Mundial” – por García Hermanos – 2015 ©

“Little Bird” – (Grabado Version) – Por Garcia Hermanos – 2015 ©

“La verdad, toda la verdad y nada más que la verdad, por lo que ayudan a Dios” – por García Hermanos – 2015 ©

“Birdman” – por García Hermanos – 2015 ©

Ebbet’s Sueño – Collabotation con Alberto Vargas – Nueva York – 2013 ©

Bosquejo De Ideas’s Máquina – Por Garcia hermanos- 2013  ©

– Orígenes de García Hermanos – 2013 ©

“El nacimiento de la tragedia” – dibujo de Collage de Friedrich Nietzsche – Por Garcia Hermanos – 2013

García Hermanos y Tupac y Snoop Dogg – Por Garcia Hermanos – 2013  © 

Enemigo público de los ojos – por García Hermanos – 2012 ©

Dibujo de una escultura romana – Por Garcia Brothers – 2012 ©

Cubierta del álbum de Gropu sin nombre (BSG) – Washington DC – 2012  ©

Manhattan – Por Garcia Hermanos 2008 © 

Desde Manhattan Isla de la Libertad – Por Garcia Brothers – 2008  ©

Gigante – Por Garcia Brothers – 2006 ©

10 responses to “DRAWINGS”

  1. Helena Fairfax says :

    Hi Garcia Brothers, Just wanted to say how much I love your creativity. You have a great space here. I particlularly loved your “Origins” drawing – there was a really great idea behind it. Hope you enjoy all that you create

  2. Clay Severns says :

    That’s pretty radical, keep it up!

  3. Max Qubit says :

    Great! I like the upper left NYC one. Very dense, so many lines, squares, rectangles, but also so spot on. Well done!

  4. J E S U S P A L O M I N O says :

    Hello, Garcia Brothers !!! It is just awesome how you did it !!! Congratulations !!! I really would like to collaborate with you in an art project !!! I shall contact you to define how to do it and then do it !!! As I told you, I enjoyed your drawings and their capability to grasp imagination and narrativeness !!! It is just great to visit your site !!!

  5. Not So Cold says :

    This is wonderful/beautiful! Thank you for liking my post so that I could discover your page. I am still very much of a novice, but I find street art fascinating. In addition to the creativity, there are so many other challenges. Through all of this, amazing things are done. Simply awesome!

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