Isn’t it nice to think that something you did as a child never left you?

The world should dare to express what it feels inside, the ideas that keep its head. Everything would be better. No?

José Luis, the eldest of the two brothers is who retains that game that was always drawing. He left university to learn to be alone in front of a blank paper.

His restless spirit has taken him from the portrait to the comic, from the large-format drawing to the little one, from complex drawings to simple illustrations.

And it is the break of style, theme and technique its style. And in the face of continued criticism throughout his life, the words of a pair of renowned artists and university teachers recognized worldwide gave light to José Luis. “I am not crazy”, “I do not have to follow the path imposed”, “I don’t have to be someone I don’t want to be.” And the fight continues.


“Infancia” (Dibujo a nuestra abuela) – Por Garcia Hermanos – 2015 ©

“Viejo Orden Mundial” – por García Hermanos – 2015 ©

“Little Bird” – (Grabado Version) – Por Garcia Hermanos – 2015 ©

“Birdman” – por García Hermanos – 2015 ©

Ebbet’s Sueño – Collabotation con Alberto Vargas – Nueva York – 2013 ©

Bosquejo De Ideas’s Máquina – Por Garcia hermanos- 2013  ©

– Orígenes de García Hermanos – 2013 ©

“El nacimiento de la tragedia” – dibujo de Collage de Friedrich Nietzsche – Por Garcia Hermanos – 2013

García Hermanos y Tupac y Snoop Dogg – Por Garcia Hermanos – 2013  © 

Enemigo público de los ojos – por García Hermanos – 2012 ©

Dibujo de una escultura romana – Por Garcia Brothers – 2012 ©

Cubierta del álbum de Gropu sin nombre (BSG) – Washington DC – 2012  ©

Manhattan – Por Garcia Hermanos 2008 © 

Desde Manhattan Isla de la Libertad – Por Garcia Brothers – 2008  ©

Gigante – Por Garcia Brothers – 2006 ©

10 thoughts on “DRAWING”

  1. Hi Garcia Brothers, Just wanted to say how much I love your creativity. You have a great space here. I particlularly loved your “Origins” drawing – there was a really great idea behind it. Hope you enjoy all that you create

  2. That’s pretty radical, keep it up!

  3. Great! I like the upper left NYC one. Very dense, so many lines, squares, rectangles, but also so spot on. Well done!

  4. Hello, Garcia Brothers !!! It is just awesome how you did it !!! Congratulations !!! I really would like to collaborate with you in an art project !!! I shall contact you to define how to do it and then do it !!! As I told you, I enjoyed your drawings and their capability to grasp imagination and narrativeness !!! It is just great to visit your site !!!

  5. Not So Cold said:

    This is wonderful/beautiful! Thank you for liking my post so that I could discover your page. I am still very much of a novice, but I find street art fascinating. In addition to the creativity, there are so many other challenges. Through all of this, amazing things are done. Simply awesome!

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