Regardless of Garcia Brothers, “Asterisk Project” is a platform of different pseudonyms to promote the art of Garcia Brothers without limits or censorship. Having a strong style and getting a recognized name were never our goals. And since according to the brothers everything else is ego, these pseudonyms were born.

Since 2014, all our fictional artists, * Inn, * Fairman, * Barbo, * Jigsaw, * Mario and * Deep, among others, have an asterisk in front of their names. That is its distinctive and at the same time the point of union.

Important note: All the above mentioned artists are not “Garcia Brothers”.

“No limit your style” – To Clet – By Garcia Brothers – Firenze, Italy 2015 ©

“Soldiers Led By Babies” – By *Inn – Firenze, Italy 2015 ©

“La Famiglia Di Mario” – By *Mario (Roma – Firenze, Italy)- 2015 ©

“Eye of a tired God” (Stickers) – Garcia Brothers feat *Inn (Vinci, Firenze – Italy) 2015 ©

“Forbidden to take pictures” – Leaning Tower of Pisa ( Italy ) – By *Fairman ©

“Syrian Refugees” – (The Vatican, Rome – Italy) – By *Fairman – 2015 ©

“BluePrint” – By *Barbo (From Puerto Rico) – 2015 ©

“Fallout Shelters” – By *Deep – 2015 © 

“Low Battery” – By *Joi (intervention about bike lane of Seville)- 2015 ©

“Most Wanted” – By *Lil Jou (Garcia Brothers) – 2015 ©

“God Eating Popcorn” (Stickers) – By *Inn – 2015 ©

“Soldiers Led By Babies” – By *Inn – Paris 2015 ©

You can discover more content of the brothers and friends in the different entries on our page or on the official networks or their YOUTUBE channel. 

And you can join us through:






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