The brothers have always been passionate about graffiti and street art, in fact it is one of their creative aspects. So they came up with the idea of ​​campaigning across the planet. This idea consists of placing small stickers for an infinity of countries and continents, even reaching Antarctica.

The plot of “Waves” unfolds on a planet devastated by blind trust in the Internet. Its logo hides a secret, it is an inverted pyramid that simulates the symbol of the WiFi connection. At the same time, in classical Greece the triangle was interpreted as a doorway to higher wisdom, and the number three was considered the perfect number, or number of God. In its inverted form, the inverted triangle is a symbol of femininity, the Great Mother, water, earth, life and grace. In short, a new world order.

You will only find this work on our channel or entering our website. At the bottom you will find a link to “Waves”, the brothers’ debut in cinema.


Hey! Come in and check if your country has fallen, because we are going to reach your city!

If you have not yet found these stickers in your city you can help the brothers! Do you want a better world, full of light? Do you think that humans are hitting nature hard? Send to brothers an email to and they will give you the necessary information to put these stickers in your city!

Enter to this website and follow the brothers on their networks to see the global fall!