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“Little Bird” (Graffiti to Our Grandfather) – By Garcia Brothers – 2014 ©

This work is dedicated to one of the most special people in our lives, our grandfather, now deceased and too artist. 

Impossible to summarize what it means to us our grandpa with a handful of pixels and data reaching to your PC. Although, we could try to explain to you a little bit what was our grandpa.

garcia-brothers-org-little-bird-2He always supported us, until the end of the times.

He taught us the greatest lesson that someone can teach in life. To listen to that inner voice screaming from the depths of your mind, that silent and invisible voice that pushes you to fight for your dreams, do not listen to NOBODY who not believe in you, NOBODY. He taught us to overcome our fears, to believe that we’re brilliant and that the world out there waiting for us. He remind us that to be happy just we have to give all our love what we do.

This is dedicated to you, grandpa, wherever you are.

We miss you. Garcia Brothers.


Fair Vote (Stencils) – By Garcia Brothers feat Inn – 2014 ©

To support our campaign enter your vote inside the points indicated. Thank you.

Garcia Brothers feat Inn – 2014