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Ascent in bicycle to “Las Palomas” (1357 m) and “El Boyar” (1103 m) – 2013

Had long wanted to explore this mountain with my bicycle. Today is the day. Today I propose me  the ascent two ports of mountain.

I’ve barely managed to sleep, it’s 7 am and the alarm sounds, come on!

The trees in the photo are unique in the world, in this region are known as “Pinsapos” Their preservation, in part thanks to the microclimate that has this saw, some people say that Grazalema is the rainiest place in Europe.


Start my stage! 

From “Grazalema” I descend to lake of “Zahara de la Sierra”, more later I start climbing the hillside east of the port of “Las Palomas”


The landscape is increasing its beauty as I climb, I hear only the wind and my bicycle, enough. Ascend while contemplating one of sides of mountain and see everything from above is really amazing.

We did it! 

“Las Palomas” 1357 m – Grazalema, Cádiz, (Spain) – 2013.



“El Boyar” 1103 m – Grazalema, Cádiz, (Spain) – 2013


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