“Drugs are the toys for broken childrens.” This thinks the eldest of the brothers.

The brothers’ childhood happened on the street, in the south of Spain, Seville. Where the weather invites you to spend all your time away from home. And this obviously influenced the lives of the brothers.

Football games, races, bike rides, games on the asphalt…

The drugs were always there, many boys began to play with the drugs, but they, would sport. The same people that the brothers laughed when they discovered the triathlon, went they back to swimming and took a basketball to college… “Now give us dislikes and feel envy because we are not zapping on sofa and hating.”

The brothers would karate, basket, swimming… they even showed qualities for water polo.

The studies distanced their lives from the sport, sacrificing being able to train and compete at the regional level, but that was never their destinations. However, they never stopped practicing sports in an amateur way.

Years later the wick was lit! Swimming again invited the oldest of the brothers to test his strength in a low level triathlon.

A couple of years later, Jose Luis, the eldest of the brothers crossed the finish line of the Titan Sierra de Cádiz, in a special edition that consisted of 4 kilometers of swimming, 120 km of bicycle through more than 5 mountain passes and 30 km of running race. It was a day that changed the lives of the Brothers.

And since then swimming, cycling or training in the park have not stopped. 

Swim crossings, half marathons, mountain trails or stage bike trips. These are some of the competitions that the brothers have faced.

“Drugs are the toys of broken children”, if you are broken do to put the pieces together. And above all, enjoy! Isn’t sport for that?

“El primer día de mi segunda vida” – Triatlón Titan 2015 (4-120-30) ©

Swimming across long distance (4000 m– 2 mi 854.45 yd ) “Proyecto Amore” – 2014 ©

Transandalus  (Seville – Tarifa – Matalascañas) 600 km in bicycle – 2013

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