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Soldiers led by babies – By Garcia Brothers feat Inn – Seville – 2013 ©



Moresoldiers led by babies!,  and they seem to have declared war to the subconscious of this city…So nobody heard the gunshots and bombs against on the floor. But they’re there, go carefully nobody knows what they are thinking. I was there when that baby ordered attack to that poor mutt.

Garcia Brothers & INNER

Our collaboration with “Jesus Creations” – Sevilla ©


Jesus creations is a young born in sevilla that thrills thousands of people with their videos of their loved team, the “Sevilla Futbol Club”. In this video, Jesus wanted a musical composition for one of their videos.

Thanks to Jesus Creations for sharing with us to the feeling of many people.


Jesús creations es un joven que emociona a miles de personas con sus videos sobre su amado equipo, el “Sevilla Futbol Club”. En este video, Jesus nos pidió una composición musical a medida para uno de sus videos.

Gracias a Jesus Creations por compartir con nosotros el sentimiento de tanta gente.

The Brothers

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Ebbet´s Dream – Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) – 2013 ©

Ebbet´s Dream - By Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) 2013 ©

Ebbet´s Dream – By Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) 2013 ©

Alberto Vargas, a promising and young photographer born in Queens, New York, his motto is “Stay Busy, Stay Hungry, Stay Working” 

Thanks to Alberto Vargas for this fabulous photography of the chrysler building almost covered by fog in the middle of night. Photo that I used for portray to the famous actor Steve McQueen.

Garcia Brothers

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Billy Costigan Receives Strangers Calls – Garcia Brothers Org ©

Parody of the film “The Departed” and “Jerry Maguire”

The Brothers