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Niemert Wöt Das & Garcia Brothers – Paris – 2018 ©

Definitely the world is a handkerchief!.  Approximately a couple of months ago Niemert and we had a conversation with the purpose of exchanging our creations.

On a very recent trip to Paris, (chance or not), we found this Niemert sticker, and we join to this picture with the Eiffel tower in the background!.

Stay tuned to Niemert Wöt Das and Garcia Brothers, very soon there will be much more!

You can see Niemert’s creations right now clicking HERE.


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“The Stelleconfuse Tree” – Garcia Brothers – 2018 ©

Whoever plants a tree … collects its fruits!

Some time ago, Stelleconfuse sent us his seeds from Italy, and very soon we will have the fruits ripe for the whole city to taste!

If you are a lover of sticker art it is better that you do not detach your look from here!

Also you can find this artist here:

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Stelleconfuse Instagram

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“Soldiers Led By Babies” – By *Inn – Paris 2015 ©

The soldiers led by babies have started their incursion! They are crossing Paris! Nobody Understands anything! Somebody knows where they Go? look like they are heading towards the Eiffel Tower, but what is its purpose?

Written by *Inn. Please, try to avoid a possible disaster.

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