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“Soldiers Led By Babies” – By *Inn – Paris 2015 ©

The soldiers led by babies have started their incursion! They are crossing Paris! Nobody Understands anything! Somebody knows where they Go? look like they are heading towards the Eiffel Tower, but what is its purpose?

Written by *Inn. Please, try to avoid a possible disaster.

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Portrait to Theresa Longo – By Garcia Brothers – 2014 ©


Theresa born in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, she studied companies  management, strategic management and marketing at the University of Trent. 

Theresa is a passionate about fitness and aerobics, International Model, Miss America northern Italy in 2011 and 2012, has participated in many events: such as the Billabong Ante Up Contest (Calgary), to Telus Fest (Whistler) Crankworx (Whistler) and has worked with major international brands such as Budweiser, Monster Energy Drink, Harley Davidson, Maybelline, Ralph Lauren,  Rip Curl, the Toronto SUN, BMW, Snowboard Canada Magazine, among many other brands.

Thanks to Theresa for her great sympathy!

More about Theresa Longo:

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I Hate My Roommate – Parody of “Citizen Kane” and “La Haine”

You cannot endure one day more living with your Roommate? Mr Kane either. 

¿No puedes soportar un día más viviendo con tu compañero de piso? El Señor Kane tampoco.

Parody of the film “Citizen Kane” and “La Haine”

Parodia de la película “Ciudadano Kane” y “El Odio”

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