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“Sacred Cow” – By JL Garcia – 2019 ©

“Sacred Cow”

By JL Garcia – 2019 ©

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“Do not think you’re so special” – By JL Garcia – 2019 ©

“Do not think you’re so special”

By JL Garcia – 2019 ©

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Sticker to Stelle Confuse – “Nottissima Empoli 2015” – Firenze – Italy – 2015 ©

Last week, we were in Empoli, (Nottissima Empoli 2015), there was also the sticker artist “Stelle Confuse”, from Firenze, Italy.
He was creating a composition with stickers and he used one our stickers!. The result is amazing! Do not you think?

We invite all those who love sticker art see more about this great person and artist.

Garcia Brothers

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“Most Wanted” – By *Lil Jou – 2015 ©

Extra! Extra! The thug of *Lil Jou and his band have come to town!

The last wrongdoing, cartels of “wanted” showing his face. Again they flout the law.

Finding him alive, or dead of laugh. $$ 30,000 reward

By * Lil Jou

“Most Wanted” By *Lil Jou – 2015 (original design)

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Ideas´s Machine – By Garcia Brothers – Seville, Spain 2013 ©


When I met Miguel Rosado (MP Rosado)  immediately gave me the freedom to be creative . It was really great to be a student of his at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville, Spain. In his class i wrote short stories as a short story of fiction aimed to Franz Kafka, among other short stories.
One day Miguel Rosado brought to class a handful of sea shells and he proposed us to make an intervention in the shells and defend the idea. So I invented ” the idea machine ” where of fictitiously defend their utility as if he really had.

This was the result.

Photo of the machine.

 -Electromechanical component 12 x 15 cm, weight – 46 g

 -Wiring 45-cm – 6 g

 -Biological component 13 x 6 cm, weight – 12 g


Photo detail of the electromechanical component.


-Macro-memory (data of universe)

-Antenna for Ideas receiving

-Music box, alarm receiving ideas

-Adapter for conventional antenna inputs

-Power on, adaptable to any point from Mercury to Venus.

-Memory of forgotten ideas

-Indicator Light-telekinetic interferences that hinder the use of the apparatus

-Cell of Chaos

-Artificial intelligence-Chip

-Reality scrubbers Circuits

-Cell altering spatiotemporal


Photography of the adaptable wiring


 -Dark Matter inside (to sharpen in the transmission of ideas)



This device, created after its invention, has been the cause of numerous confrontations between governments and object of desire for private collectors. Currently out of danger and is in possession of an anonymous artist.

 Featured Story of this object:

 – 1986 After the rumor that this object was the Chernobyl, the nuclear plant was declared in quarantine, some still continue to search.

– 2001 Two American Airlines aircraft collided against the World Trade Center with the aim of destroying the device.

– 2010 A new rumor that this invention was somewhere near of Tunisian, did begin the revolts.

– 2012 From a desk, an anonymous artist creates this device

-35,000 A.C. The same artist destroys it.

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Sketch Of Ideas´s Machine – By Garcia Brothers – 2013 ©

To MP Rosado, in gratitude for their magnificent classes.

The Brothers