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“Most Wanted” – By *Lil Jou – 2015 ©

Extra! Extra! The thug of *Lil Jou and his band have come to town!

The last wrongdoing, cartels of “wanted” showing his face. Again they flout the law.

Finding him alive, or dead of laugh. $$ 30,000 reward

By * Lil Jou

“Most Wanted” By *Lil Jou – 2015 (original design)

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Soldiers led by babies – By Garcia Brothers feat Inn – Seville – 2013 ©



Moresoldiers led by babies!,  and they seem to have declared war to the subconscious of this city…So nobody heard the gunshots and bombs against on the floor. But they’re there, go carefully nobody knows what they are thinking. I was there when that baby ordered attack to that poor mutt.

Garcia Brothers & INNER