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Sticker to Stelle Confuse – “Nottissima Empoli 2015” – Firenze – Italy – 2015 ©

Last week, we were in Empoli, (Nottissima Empoli 2015), there was also the sticker artist “Stelle Confuse”, from Firenze, Italy.
He was creating a composition with stickers and he used one our stickers!. The result is amazing! Do not you think?

We invite all those who love sticker art see more about this great person and artist.

Garcia Brothers

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Ebbet´s Dream – Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) – 2013 ©

Ebbet´s Dream - By Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) 2013 ©

Ebbet´s Dream – By Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) 2013 ©

Alberto Vargas, a promising and young photographer born in Queens, New York, his motto is “Stay Busy, Stay Hungry, Stay Working” 

Thanks to Alberto Vargas for this fabulous photography of the chrysler building almost covered by fog in the middle of night. Photo that I used for portray to the famous actor Steve McQueen.

Garcia Brothers

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One morning my grandfather came home. It was my tenth birthday. I remember I woke up with the sound of engine of a Ford mustang shelby of 67 . I ran down the stairs and i jumped out of the portal to fall into his arms. Quickly called my three best friends. Bobby, Charlie and Helen. And during all that day i sat on the knees of my grandfather.

He had traveled around the world!! even one night under the stars, he said me he walked on the moon. Although in my house there were many pictures of him, I never knew wich was my grandfather’s employment.

In the evening my grandfather took us to walk around New York Mounted on the “Ford mustang”. When we got home, my grandfather out from his pocket pulled out a small blue book. More gifts? I asked to my grandfather and he laughed. On its cover, a title. “Drawings and notes in a city without wind,” I asked where was this town, his name was Chernobyl.

The Brothers