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Swimming across long distance (4000 meters – 2 mi 854.45 yd ) “Proyecto Amore” – 2014

It’s 7:20 am, I have not sleeping nothing last night, well, this always happen the night before. So it’s not new thing. 

Way to Zahara de la Sierra, dawns on the horizon, as we go down the famous “Puerto de las Palomas”. Sounds “Breakn a Sweat” by Skrillex & The Doors, and the lake is there … who’s afraid ?. Today, August 30, 2014 I face to my first swim across, and I have had the sensible idea to start a long distance. A nervous smile on my face, I only see shirts and caps Ironmans finishers, there are familiar faces and triathlon champions of Spain, what about me? I’m a newbie, but I will fight and I trained hard for this. The atmosphere, incredible, I enter in the water and do not think about anything.

A rocket marks the exit, Go!. We started swimming, very strong, aside, Zahara de la Sierra, with its castle, and the background the Sierra de Grazalema, a marvel. I only think about swim and swim and swim, reached the first buoy, everything goes too fast, I feel really good, I get to the second buoy and decide to increase the pace to the third buoy way … shit! I suffer a cramp!, and I stop to stretch a bit. Back to swim, reached the fourth buoy and think “Well, this is already done, only need a mile more” but the cramp is back… so i think, “Ok, try swimming with arms only. I can not waste any more time”, there are only 500 m to the finish, 200, 100 meters, the cramp reappears, dragging the cramp I came to the finish, but no matter, I did it!.

1 hour 7 minutes, I am satisfied, I could have swum stronger but I think… “Bit by bit, it’s my first swim across and I’m in it for love, love for the sport. I must not forget this, because when I forget, I’ll stop enjoy competing”.

The experience really amazing, plus the joy of knowing that the benefits of this swim across will go entirely to promote sport among children with intellectual disabilities as a means of social integration in the region of Andhra Pradesh in southern India. Through the NGO “Solidarity Strokes” and Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

He had swum 1 km (half a mile) when I decided to repeat and next year. So we’ll be there, and now to finish preparing triathlon Titan Sierra De Cádiz, (4-120-30) is just less than a month.Come on!



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“…Never let anyone outside the family know what you’re thinking”

The Brothers


One morning my grandfather came home. It was my tenth birthday. I remember I woke up with the sound of engine of a Ford mustang shelby of 67 . I ran down the stairs and i jumped out of the portal to fall into his arms. Quickly called my three best friends. Bobby, Charlie and Helen. And during all that day i sat on the knees of my grandfather.

He had traveled around the world!! even one night under the stars, he said me he walked on the moon. Although in my house there were many pictures of him, I never knew wich was my grandfather’s employment.

In the evening my grandfather took us to walk around New York Mounted on the “Ford mustang”. When we got home, my grandfather out from his pocket pulled out a small blue book. More gifts? I asked to my grandfather and he laughed. On its cover, a title. “Drawings and notes in a city without wind,” I asked where was this town, his name was Chernobyl.

The Brothers