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Sticker to Stelle Confuse – “Nottissima Empoli 2015” – Firenze – Italy – 2015 ©

Last week, we were in Empoli, (Nottissima Empoli 2015), there was also the sticker artist “Stelle Confuse”, from Firenze, Italy.
He was creating a composition with stickers and he used one our stickers!. The result is amazing! Do not you think?

We invite all those who love sticker art see more about this great person and artist.

Garcia Brothers

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“Most Wanted” – By *Lil Jou – 2015 ©

Extra! Extra! The thug of *Lil Jou and his band have come to town!

The last wrongdoing, cartels of “wanted” showing his face. Again they flout the law.

Finding him alive, or dead of laugh. $$ 30,000 reward

By * Lil Jou

“Most Wanted” By *Lil Jou – 2015 (original design)

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The dawn of the voyager – Garcia Brothers Org – Music ©

This composition narrates a day in the life of a voyager, from first light until sunset. Its original title is “El amanecer del viajero”, free creation nominated Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2011.

Composed by Garcia Brothers Org  ©

The Brothers

Billy Costigan Receives Strangers Calls – Garcia Brothers Org ©

Parody of the film “The Departed” and “Jerry Maguire”

The Brothers