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Soldiers led by babies – By Garcia Brothers feat Inn – Seville – 2013 ©



Moresoldiers led by babies!,  and they seem to have declared war to the subconscious of this city…So nobody heard the gunshots and bombs against on the floor. But they’re there, go carefully nobody knows what they are thinking. I was there when that baby ordered attack to that poor mutt.

Garcia Brothers & INNER

The dawn of the voyager – Garcia Brothers Org – Music ©

This composition narrates a day in the life of a voyager, from first light until sunset. Its original title is “El amanecer del viajero”, free creation nominated Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2011.

Composed by Garcia Brothers Org  ©

The Brothers


garcia-brothers-org-gustavo-mcdonaldsWe present to you this strange creature of clay fruit of a passionate relationship between Kermit the Frog and Ronald Mcdonald, both deny being her parents.

The Brothers


garcia brothers org -dully´s friends



“…Never let anyone outside the family know what you’re thinking”

The Brothers

Inn´s Friends – Stickers – 2013 ©

Ladies and gentlemen! enter and contemplate the nicest creatures that you can find in the city! 


Soon more friends!!

The Brothers (Inn)


One morning my grandfather came home. It was my tenth birthday. I remember I woke up with the sound of engine of a Ford mustang shelby of 67 . I ran down the stairs and i jumped out of the portal to fall into his arms. Quickly called my three best friends. Bobby, Charlie and Helen. And during all that day i sat on the knees of my grandfather.

He had traveled around the world!! even one night under the stars, he said me he walked on the moon. Although in my house there were many pictures of him, I never knew wich was my grandfather’s employment.

In the evening my grandfather took us to walk around New York Mounted on the “Ford mustang”. When we got home, my grandfather out from his pocket pulled out a small blue book. More gifts? I asked to my grandfather and he laughed. On its cover, a title. “Drawings and notes in a city without wind,” I asked where was this town, his name was Chernobyl.

The Brothers