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Strictly NY – Photo Exhibition With Alberto Vargas

garcia-brothers-org-strictly-new-york-photo-exhibition-2013-alberto-vargas From Queens, New York, the young and talented Alberto Vargas will present his photographic work alongside other talented artists, if you’re in the Big Apple not can miss it!, the event will be on September 7 in The City Dont Sleep in Brooklyn.

Desde Queens, Nueva York, el joven y talentoso Alberto Vargas expondrá su trabajo fotográfico junto a otros artistas con mucho talento, si estás en la Gran Manzana no puedes perdértelo! el evento será el 7 de Septiembre en The City Dont Sleep en Brooklyn.

Here’s the website of Alberto Vargas, we invite to know his fantastic work!

Aquí tenéis la web de Alberto Vargas, te invitamos a conocer su fantástico trabajo!

Alberto Vargas Photography

The Brothers

Ebbet´s Dream – Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) – 2013 ©

Ebbet´s Dream - By Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) 2013 ©

Ebbet´s Dream – By Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) 2013 ©

Alberto Vargas, a promising and young photographer born in Queens, New York, his motto is “Stay Busy, Stay Hungry, Stay Working” 

Thanks to Alberto Vargas for this fabulous photography of the chrysler building almost covered by fog in the middle of night. Photo that I used for portray to the famous actor Steve McQueen.

Garcia Brothers

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