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Letter to Franz Kafka – (Science fiction short story dedicated to Franz Kafka) – Garcia Brothers – 2013 ©

In response to a letter written by Kafka that disappeared before being confiscated by the Gestapo. (Sanatorium Dr. Hoffman, Kierling, 1932)

Walk with eyes, You has crossed the border.
Admirable by her part, but I warn you, what you purports is dangerous. Your only fear to the known drags you to unexplored places of the mind. Nobody knows what you thought, friend, so just because nobody to found a sense of their purpose. I not feel knocked out, as you must know. I am the weaver of threads that you feared. You are now in my hands, should not leave this to my choice, did not know me well enough, even I almost not could stop to build or destroy on my mind.
But I let you go, friend.

To Mr. Kafka, signed, “the patient from the stretcher next door”.

The Brothers

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