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First Crossing Swim “Amore Project” – 2014 ©

“Project Amore” is a crossing swim in the marsh located in “Zahara de la Sierra – El Gastor” in the heart of the “Sierra de Cádiz”, Spain. We will swim 4 kilometers through a this unique spot in Andalusia.

The benefits of the participants will be allocated entirely to promote sport among children with intellectual disabilities as a means of social integration in the region of Andhra Pradesh in southern India. Through the NGO “Solidarity Strokes” and Vicente Ferrer Foundation.



Fundación Vicente Ferrer

Ayuntamiento de Zahara De La Sierra

Proyecto Amore


Bicicletas Jesus Rosado

HW Trainer


Oleum Viride

Diputación de Cádiz

Garcia Brothers


According to stats: Our web overcome 6.000 views and 390 followers on WordPress since January


We have received visits from over 80 countries around the world! That is really fantastic! thank you very much to all, we continue to work hard!

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