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Ebbet´s Dream – Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) – 2013 ©

Ebbet´s Dream - By Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) 2013 ©

Ebbet´s Dream – By Garcia Brothers & Alberto Vargas (New York) 2013 ©

Alberto Vargas, a promising and young photographer born in Queens, New York, his motto is “Stay Busy, Stay Hungry, Stay Working” 

Thanks to Alberto Vargas for this fabulous photography of the chrysler building almost covered by fog in the middle of night. Photo that I used for portray to the famous actor Steve McQueen.

Garcia Brothers

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garcia-brothers-org-taxi-driver-nyc(Photo of Abhinav´s taxi crossing Seventh Avenue, 2013)

In March 2002, Abhinav, of Indian origin and resident in Brooklyn, began to cross the streets of the Big Apple working as taxi driver.

At that time, Abhinav began to hear screams, sounds of gunfire and bombs in a desert, a desert that he assured see from his mind. Even when he was awake. For months, he lost sleep, could barely stand it. For not lost their employment, was silent and only his wife and son knew this strange phenomenon.
In mid 2006, a day, for a few seconds, Abhinav, waked on operating room in the other side of the world on, the place was a tanker boat headed for Australia. Hours later, that tanker boat, gave to a post to the police Port Australian that really happened. Seconds later, apparently a heart attack caused him to lose control of his taxi, fortunately escaped unhurt.
Days later, he saw from his window that could create his own environment, all that he imagine really happened more later. For weeks Abhinav locked himself in his own house for watching television and alone, began trying to change the world.
In 2008, a financial agent, was surprised at the question of this driver, “everything is going to the shit? right?”. Four days later, that client was found dead with signs of suicide.
garcia-brothers-org-the-story-of-abhinav-drawing(Sketch of one of the prophecies of Abhinav)

Abhinav says it’s becoming more able to predict far clearer and our future. Even said dozens of tugs, will transport the copper from the Statue of Liberty to sell it in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
If you ever take the taxi Abhinav, do not ask lightly, no one knows what is coming.

The Brothers

Letter to Franz Kafka – (Science fiction short story dedicated to Franz Kafka) – Garcia Brothers – 2013 ©

In response to a letter written by Kafka that disappeared before being confiscated by the Gestapo. (Sanatorium Dr. Hoffman, Kierling, 1932)

Walk with eyes, You has crossed the border.
Admirable by her part, but I warn you, what you purports is dangerous. Your only fear to the known drags you to unexplored places of the mind. Nobody knows what you thought, friend, so just because nobody to found a sense of their purpose. I not feel knocked out, as you must know. I am the weaver of threads that you feared. You are now in my hands, should not leave this to my choice, did not know me well enough, even I almost not could stop to build or destroy on my mind.
But I let you go, friend.

To Mr. Kafka, signed, “the patient from the stretcher next door”.

The Brothers

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About a mile from that little town, I thought I saw a flash in the darkness of the bell tower. A second later a shot was heard in the distance and my unit dropped to the ground for cover. Then I remind myself, there, amazed, watching my chest full of blood. I felt cold but not that cold mortal had heard so much. A bullet was touching my heart, I could feel the beating. The last that I remember is was watching clouds from the ground in the middle of a crossfire.

The Brothers