“Being consistent, building on solid foundations will set you free. You will leave what is built below and fly free as an eagle flies.”

Without a philosophy every movement is empty, this is what the brothers believe. And we prefer to share than to hide, and that anyone anywhere on the planet can feel connected to the brothers.

As you can find in the entries on this website, the brothers do not limit their creativity. And within each drawing, sculpture, interview, audiovisual work or musical composition, lies his philosophy.

If you want to find the philosophy of the brothers, you can do so in the entry dedicated to street art and graffiti, the compositions by Ajierro (one of the brothers’ pseudonyms), through the musical compositions of the younger brother, Roberto, or the illustrations by the big brother, Jose Luis. 

Here we leave you two small works written by the brothers.

Thought supratemporal ©

Thought II ©

Thought ©

In order not to miss anything from the brothers stay tuned to this website and follow their social networks.






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